Hi, I'm Katie!

I am sure creativity is in my bones!

I grew up with my Grannie knitting, crocheting and weaving and my mum making most of our clothes and creating stunning tapestries and my sister heading off to university for her Fine Art degree.

Their inspiration piqued my interest from an early age and led to a career in the fashion and textiles industry after a degree in Textiles with clothing design and production. I have been lucky enough to have worked with several of Europe's most prestigious brands including several years with Next but also those supplying the industry.

I have designed prints, quality tested textiles, and worked alongside brands as they plan forthcoming trends.

Away from the buzz of work I have started making my own clothes and in the last year I have learnt new techniques and made a few mistakes along the way! but have filled my wardrobes with clothes I absolutely love! Completely unique items that fit perfectly and draw lots of flattering comments from friends.

My passion is being able to take a piece of fabric, add my own creative stamp and see the end to end process and inspire others to do the same. Home sewn clothing doesn't need to have a home made look! Being armed with a few techniques and creative flair is all you need to create classic, trendy and beautiful clothing that is truly you.
I hope I can inspire and encourage you to do the same.