Hair Scrunchie

The hair Scrunchie returns! 

Fun practical and a ridiculously cool hair accessory!

No self-respecting up do in the 90´s was complete without one and now they are back on the catwalks and all over the high street stores.

The humble hair tie is still going strong and has re-entered the mainstream market in a way not seen since the 1990´s, Pinterest has even reported a 6309% rise in searches! High-street brands from H&M, Zara to Scandinavian brand Cos are selling them (for a massive £15 each!)

This is an easy retro fashion-sewing project for beginners to learn to sew and once you make one, the scrunchies will be multiplying big time!

So I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and have created a Fun, quick and very cool pattern to make one of these 90´s classics in the comfort of your home! They are also a brilliant gift idea

They are a fantastic way of using up offcuts and scraps of fabric and freshen up any outfit.

Below is a step by step guide on achieving your very own hair scrunchie with the option of adding tails! Pattern available to download.

You will need:

Sewing machine

Safety pin

*Some jazzy Fabric 


Elastic 21cm ( I have been using a 0,5cm width, but its not so important which width)

Pattern ( pdf download attached)

Cup of Tea and a biscuit is optional, but in my eyes essential!

*I would recommend anything woven, better with no stretch. From Cotton, corduroy to a lightweight viscose! I would also recommend that the lighter weight fabrics are better if using the tails pattern as its easier and less bulky to tie into a bow!

The problem with a stretch fabric is that when it stretches the stitches haven’t allowed for this and can break open!

Velvet would also look lovely, but can be quite tricky to sew, so perhaps have a play with some other fabrics to begin with.

So here are the instructions:

  1. Print out the Pattern (please ensure your printer settings are set to 100% rather than fill to page)

  2. Transfer the pattern to your fabric, pinning it in place and cutting around it, don’t forget, if sewing with the ties to cut 2x ties

3. Sewing time! Fold the strip in half lengthways so the correct sides of the fabric are facing, and pin in place. Sew with a 1cm seam allowance along the pinned edge don’t forget to back-tack (sew backwards and forwards at the beginning and at the end of the stitch.)

4. With a safety pin turn the tube through to the correct side, The fabric will now be on the outside and the seams hidden.

5. Now cut the elastic to 21 cm, perhaps around 17cm for children. Again with a safety pin insert the elastic, making sure to hold on to the end! Once pulled through hand sew or use the machine to sew the elastic ends together.

elastic being threaded through.

6. Time to close up the scrunchie, Fold the end of one fabric tube over, flipping the rough edge inside, forming a loose hem. Tuck the other end of the fabric tube inside the loose hemmed end about 1cm. Not too far because you’ll lose some of your scrunches. But not too little because then you won’t have anything to sew in place and close the loop. Pin this tucked and loose hemmed joint.

7. Sew along this pinned hem, being sure to catch the fabric inserted. Just do it flat–if you’re hand sewing, you can try to sew it in a circle and not flat, but the honest truth is, there’s no reason to. It’s going to look great either way. Trim all your loose threads. And enjoy!

For the ties:

  1. With both pieces correct side facing, Sew your tail piece, start sewing from one side and go all the way around leaving a 2,5cm hole not sewn ( I suggest this is positioned along the straight side in the middle, clip into the end corners, to prevent bulk when turned out.

  1. Turn the tie through the hole you left so that it’s the correct way, and use a pencil to get in the corners. And press flat.

  1. Close the hole, with a straight stitch.

  1. Attach to the hair scrunchie, I make sure the tie covers the join on the scrunchie, and tie in a bow or leave the ends to hang.

  2. Throw your hair in a ponytail and rock your new scrunchie!

Please me tag me in on your make, I'd love to see all your scrumptious creations: @eversewme