Me made May 2020



I have never entered a challenge before on Instagram, but I really liked the idea of the #memademay challenge organised by @sozoblog.


It was mid Lockdown here in Germany, and the opportunity to have a small break mentally from the worry of it all, was a huge welcome distracting relief.


The idea is that you set yourself a pledge to wear your me-mades more, in different ways and to follow this throughout May. Hopefully by the end of the month, you would have learnt lots about yourself, your style, how you feel about your wardrobe and how best to spend your clothes-making time going forward.


Before I decided on my pledge, I counted all the garments I had sewn up until May 2020 and roughly worked out that an item a day was going to be feasible! It turns out I had sewn over the 30 garments/ items needed to make the pledge!! I was truely amazed!


My pledge was as follows: I, Katie from eversewme sign as a participant of Me-Made-May 2020. I endeavour to Wear everyday of May at least one item that I have sewn myself during the month of May 2020.


The month of May is a tricky one! The weather can change quite dramatically! Some days I was wearing me made sweatshirts, a dress meant for summer with a pair of tights!, too lovely gorgeous summery hot days, where I could show off my best season of sewing! The pretty tops and dresses.


To begin with I was actually very nervous to be posting a picture of myself wearing my makes up on my feed everyday. I thought I would get on everyone’s nerves and become a bit of a show off! But the more I posted the more wonderful comments were flooding in and I was getting some recognition and love for the hobby that brings me so much happiness and pleasure. I accumulated many followers and felt a real sense of being part of the amazing sewing community that I had heard of but not quite entered.


I found the challenge such an inspiration and confidence builder, I have started to integrate my me-mades more into my wardrobe, become more creative in creating outfits and have created pieces where I found something was missing from my wardrobe. It got me out of wearing my lockdown joggers and T´s ! And encouraged myself to start new projects, including self drafting my own patterns.


So all in all I highly recommend the challenge and will defiantly( hopefully in more normal circumstances be taking part in 2021.


Below are some photos from the challenge….